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Ten episodes available now!

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Sound Gaze Radio is off air now.

Check back next Saturday from 11am to 1pm EST to listen live.

Until then, enjoy the January 18th, 2017 episode below:

Part One:

Part Two:

Click here to listen to more past episodes.

Sound Gaze, formerly known as Balarama Music, is a radio show, blog, and portfolio pretty much rolled up into one package. This website houses all of the work of Richmond, Virginia native Doug Nunnally with various publications, stations, and more. The majority of content here is music related, although some veers into other topics, most notably professional wrestling for which Doug has covered on and off since 2003. Feel free to peruse the site and get lost in the mind of an overly ambitious music nerd who actively avoids any and all free time.

Navigate the site by the sections above which are split up into six easy sections:

Articles – Archive of articles, including current work with RVA Magazine & New Noise.
Radio – Archive & information on the weekly edition of Sound Gaze on WDCE 90.1 FM.
Trivia – Up-to-date information & history on the weekly event at Rare Olde Times.
Lists – End-year lists as well as lists compiled under the Balarama Music umbrella.
Blog – Recent musings and archives of Balarama Music.
About Me – More information on Doug, including contact information.

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