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Here’s some of the most triumphant and distressing music I’ve heard all year.

For Everest’s debut record We Are At Home In The Body is an impassioned declaration of apprehensive feelings and canorous tones. It’s right at home in the current emo renaissance movement (emossance?), but also feels much more than the genre. Of course, you’re always going to come back to the emo scene when talking about this record. The record was amazingly produced by Chris Teti, who also did Harmlessness by The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, and speaking of that band, David Bello even pops up on this record as a guest vocalist for a song. This music is very much rooted in the current scene, but much like Harmlessness last year, the resolve of the transcendent sounds and tender words really make it stand on its own as a solitary statement.

Song by song, this is a record that builds on ideas and concepts, with meticulous pacing and deliberate structure that pushes you to dig deeper. The cavernous contemplation of “Vitamins.” The heartbreaking intensity of “Boxcar Buried Inside A Quarry.” The prudent arrangement of lead single “Autonomy.” It all points to a band clearly focused on the big picture, but talented enough to still nail the minutia. Album opener “Reasons #2-7” in particular is my favorite, probably because it sets you up to actually process the rest of the album. The tension of that melody is brilliant. Simultaneously exultant and uneasy. Those lyrics too — phew. “I am the line between sympathy and apathy” is one of 2016’s most iconic lines and goes a long way to describing the type of stance this band takes with their music.

In my mind, I imagine the repeated line “Do you wonder which side you fall on?” as the band drawing the proverbial line in the sand, whether because of emo’s capricious nature or the unabashed vulnerability of this music. If that’s the case, it’s hard to wonder how anyone doesn’t fall on their side. How could anyone not be won over by this formative song, or any of the incredible ones that follow?

This is a record I’m going to obsess over for the next few months, and don’t be surprised if you see more places swoon over it too. As biting as the band gets here, there’s a cordial accessibility to their sound that really breaks down barriers. This here is a paragon of rock music in today’s age, no matter what description you deem necessary.

Listen to “Reasons #2-7” below, get blown away, and pick up the rest of We Are At Home In The Body over at their Bandcamp page.

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