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Q: What is Sound Gaze?

A: Sound Gaze, formerly Balarama Music, is a weekly radio show, blog, and portfolio of sorts containing the work of Doug Nunnally. It showcases his radio show at WDCE 90.1 FM (also titled Sound Gaze), his writings with various publications (including, but not limited to, RVA Magazine & New Noise Magazine), his sporadic musings on the music world, his weekly trivia night, and more.

Q: Ba-alarm? Ballarine? Am I saying it right? And what exactly is it?

A: Balarama Music was the name of this website from 2009 until 2013 when it began a long transition to Sound Gaze. Balarama is actually a Hindu God. However, since I’m not Hindu nor religious, the site’s name comes from my favorite line in one of my all-time favorite songs “Wet Sand” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers: “Balarama beauty going toe-to-toe.” As for as pronunciation goes, the correct way to say it is “Bah-lah-ram-ah.” Not that complicated. You should actually check out the song for all its greatness. Click here to read more about the song and to download it!

Q: Who are the Red Hot Chili Peppers?

A: Best band ever. You should be listening to them. Next?

Q: Why did you start this site/blog?

A: The site was originally started as a place to house my thoughts on music from cool songs down to interesting stories about albums. It was a place for to share my knowledge of music with others as well as give them tools on how to find their own knowledge. This spun into hosting a weekly music trivia event, writing for multiple publications, and hosting a weekly radio show. This site, and all that I do, is helping me find new music in the process too as while writing about one thing, I’ll discover another. Thank God it’s not anything related to Creed though.

Q: Who is Creed?

A: Worst band ever. You should never listen to them. Next?

Q: Where do you find a lot of your obscure music as well as learn about all of it?

A: The amount of time I spend researching and listening to music would probably horrify you.

Q: I think you should cover [insert random indie band].

A: Well, that’s not really a question nor did you say please. However, I am pretty open to any and all music and I certainly am discovering new bands every day so if you have some good stuff you think I should be listening to and/or covering, shoot me an e-mail at douglasnunnally-at-gmail.com.

Q: I’m the frontman for [insert random indie band]. Would you mind reviewing and/or talking about us?

A: Of course. Just shoot me an e-mail at douglasnunnally-at-gmail.com with some information on you guys and where to find your music.

Q: Do you have a Facebook or Twitter?

A: Sure do. My Twitter Handle is @MusicDoug. My Facebook is a bit private so not really for you, the reader. If you want to talk to me, there’s always my e-mail address douglasnunnally-at-gmail.com.

Q: You suck.

A: Again, not a question and honestly, you should be more constructive with your feedback.

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