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Thank You

I’d like to personally take the time to thank the following people:

My wife, Sarah Nunnally, for being my biggest cheerleader and putting up with the countless hours I put into these projects, even when my free time is sparse enough as is.

My mother, father, and sister for always supporting me no matter what I do.

Andrew Necci of RVA Magazine for being the most talented and hard-working editor I’ve ever had the privilege of working under.

Rare Olde Times and WDCE for giving me a space to be creative on a weekly basis even though it fits within the confines of a trivia night or radio show.

Mike, Tim, Matt, Klinz, Ric, Phil, and more for helping me become a better writer and more entertaining, even by just talking about nothing.

Wikipedia – seriously, browsing this website at 2am taught me more about music save actually listening to music.

And YOU, the reader. If you’ve made it to this page, you’ve most likely browsed through the site’s pages and have undoubtedly read my work. Whether you agree or disagree, I appreciate your support and hope that I interest you enough to spend more time on my work in the future.

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