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Frusciante Friday

On Fridays, Balarama Music featured a song by or including John Frusciante, one of our favorite artists here.

John Frusciante is a guitarist, singer, songwriter, and sometime record producer most known for his stints with Red Hot Chili Peppers. Frusciante has been consistently pointed out as one of the major factors of RHCP’s success & perseverance in their career. He was with the band from 1988 to 1992 & 1998 to 2008 and recorded five albums with the band, many of which were met with overwhelming critical acclaim. He has also been an avid solo musician having released ten albums under his own name since 1994 that each differ stylistically than the last one. Even more, Frusciante is a current member of Swahili Blonde and a recording member of The Mars Volta. He has also had side bands with Fugazi drummer Joe Lally & current RHCP guitarist Josh Klinghoffer as Ataxia and with electronica artist Aaron Funk as Speed Dealer Moms. He has become a sought after studio musician and collaborates with a multitude of artists having recorded songs with Johnny Cash, Wu-Tang Clan, George Clinton, David Bowie, Macy Gray, Tricky, Perry Farrell, Bob Forrest, and many more.

As already mentioned, Frusciante spans all genres from classic & alternative rock, synthpop & electronica, acoustic & pop, experimental & progressive, and instrumental & avant-garde. With other artists, he has covered the rest of the genres ranging from African to hip-hop. His music primarily focuses on emotion & melody with a preference to lo-fi & primitive recording techniques. He frequently tries to break stylistic boundaries and is always re-inventing his music & personal style.

Personally, we here at Balarama Music hold John Frusciante in very high esteem and would like to recognize him each & every Friday with a song of his to showcase his immense musical ability. Eventually, we will run out of songs or this feature may run thin, but for now, join us in celebrating the “Eclectic Enigma” John Frusciante!

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