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Originals Week

From time to time, we here at Balarama Music will take a week to showcase original versions of popular songs that have been overlooked or just forgotten as time moves on. Originals Week aims to give an interesting look into music as we’ll provide you with original versions of songs that in most cases people didn’t even realize weren’t written by that artist. Hearing the original might even give you a greater respect for the artist covering it as for most we showcase, the original and cover versions are vastly different except for lyrics. Forgotten musicians have their work showcased here and we even give you some insight as to why an artist might have covered that song. No matter the song though, the result is an interesting look at music history and an eye-opening expierence to some of your favorite songs.

To take a look back at past Originals Weeks, you can click the “Originals Week” Tag in the right navigation box or just click here.

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