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Top 50 Carbon Leaf Songs

Below is our list of the 50 Greatest Carbon Leaf Songs as voted by over 100 fans. Click each song for more information as well as a video of each song. For more information on the process for ballots, voting, & everything else involved with this list, please click here.

As with any list in music publication history, take this with a grain of salt. Just realize that this is basically a summary of a hundred people’s opinion. Hopefully this list will introduce to songs you didn’t know, re-introduce you to ones you’ve forgotten, or maybe you can learn something new about one of your favorite songs. Just don’t get too wrapped in that your song was not number one, in the top twenty, et cetera. Ok? Cool. Enjoy!

50. Come Again?

49. Wolftrap And Fireflies

48. Native America

47. Follow The Lady

46. Mellow Tone

45. The Sea

44. Meltdown

43. Unknown Bride

42. Pink

41. Seed

40. This Is My Song

39. X-Ray

38. Christmas Child

37. What Have You Learned?

36. Raise The Roof

35. Wandrin’ Around

34. Midwestern Girl

33. Maybe Today

32. The Friendship Song

31. Toy Soldiers

30. Grey Sky Eyes

29. Mary Mac

28. American Tale

27. When I’m Alone

26. Under The Wire

25. Shine

24. Attica’s Flower Box Window

23. Block Of Wood

22. Tip Toe

21. Blue Ridge Laughing

20. On Any Given Day

19. Miss Hollywood

18. November (makebelieve)

17. Another Man’s Woman

16. Changeless

15. I Know The Reason

14. Comfort

13. Paloma

12. Torn To Tattered

11. 7 Brides For 7 Sinners

10. Indecision

9. Home

8. Life Less Ordinary

7. Let Your Troubles Roll By

6. Lake Of Silver Bells

Bonus: Overlooked Songs & Album Rankings

5. The Boxer

4. The War Was In Color

3. What About Everything?

2. Desperation Song

1. One Prarie Outpost

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